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Accept Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) for Fair & Clean Election

Posted by Intellectual Thought Friday, 19 August 2011 07:37


PM Dato’ Sri Najib Razak announced the formation of PSC to improve the Election Commission and for electoral reforms. This should be accepted by all as it is a good move to show to all that election process in Malaysia is fair & clean without doubt.

The government showed no fear when forming PSC as they are very confident they had nothing to do nor having any “invisible hand” in Election Commission business. Instead, the government is care enough for the voice of rakyat for fair & clean election even though those rakyat took the wrong way to voice out their opinions and willingly to sacrifice the peace of Malaysia. Instead of going demo ruining everybody’s routine they should give opinions for electoral reforms.

Said Eleanor Roosevelt,

Normal Minds discuss People
Average Minds discuss Events
Great Minds discuss IDEAS

This PSC also invited MP’s from opposition and independent. The ratio of representatives, Government: 5, Opposition: 3 & Independent: 1. Not fair? It is more than enough.

The ratio isn’t quite important as long as it will voice out opinions from people of all walk of life. If you say it’s not fair because government majored the committee, what is the purpose having them as the government? What is the purpose the majority chose them as the government? After all they are dominating the seat of parliaments. And for oppositions, to make sure they don’t go fighting with one another as usual, 3 seats allocated for them. Enough for PAS, PKR & DAP.

Thus, it must be accepted by all so all parties can see the truth and the hidden truth (if they are..). Unless the oppositions want to continue demo because there actually no secret being hidden between the government and EC through PSC. So they can’t find another 8 demands that seem right but very defective.

DUMC: Blaming One Another

Posted by Intellectual Thought Wednesday, 17 August 2011 23:30


Fisrt of all, have you watched this video?

Some would still not believe that this serious case is going on. Especially to those PAS followers. PAS strictly blamed UMNO that the raid on DUMC on the last 3rd August was being planned by UMNO to scratch the image of PR. How can you take this statement blindly?

Be neutral-minded, don't get ur mind being influenced by political parties aite.. If UMNO would want to take over Selangor back from the ruling of PR by doing such controversy, why would they give it to them in the first place? What? To make people watch how bad it looks like when PR rules? Why would PR want to look bad after been given trust? They said they want to take over Malaysia.. Why don't they just give clear statement about this issue?

I don't think there was any political influence when JAIS decided to do the raid on 3rd August. Thats why they managed to go into DUMC. If there was political influence, I guarantee JAIS never do any raid at Selangor regarding the process of Muslims' proselytization. And the religion Christians will keep on spreading freely at Selangor. After all the raid was made after the people around Selangor reported about the outlaw event regarding making filthy the purity of Islam.

If you really follow every issue being published nowadays, you would trust JAIS and their crews. Islam really is being challenged by its enemies. Here is an example picked from the blog of Zulkifli Noordin.

This comment has been removed. It is first seen on Free Malaysia Today regarding the article, Ezam Wants To Burn Down Online News Portal. But the sad part is, the comment was only removed after a Muslim blogger ( wrote about it. Pfft?! The site itself should alert on such comment! Issues about religion are SENSITIVE

"10th Commandment: EZAM THE FROG....Muslim convert to christian. This shows that the teaching of Islam is not right....islam is a fake religion.Your allah BABI MOHAMAD is a rapist...holly man doesn't married to 4 wives..does not encouraged jihad....islam doesn't practice and teach his followers the 10th commandment like the christian through our holly bible and understand what are the 10th commandment is all about....just wonder how your babi mohamad looks come until now nobody show the photo of him....Islam are worshipping stone....EZAM..."BURN YOUR HAIRY WIFE PUSSY" 

Some protested Utusan Malaysia even though it is reliable, because it can be TRUSTED. If they do any wrong they are willing to take charges and summons to maintain their credibility. And you will know the truth the next day if the article is a false one. Stop creating hatred by publishing those fake articles to all media I advised.

Seputeh: Spreading Christianity

Posted by Intellectual Thought 22:31


This is the article imported from Utusan Malaysia written by Zaini Hassan. Nowadays, the spreading of Christianity to Muslims are filling the atmosphere makes it become hot from day to days. Media currently does a lot muck-racking about it. The religion Islam is facing its enemies from every angle. Under the ruling of PR, Islam has been besmirched and being mocked freely. Isn't PAS also under PR? Islam isn't being view as the federal religion anymore by PR.

Let's read the article, shall we? Seputeh MP is Teresa Kok (DAP).

Murid Melayu Islam: “Ya, saya tahu Nabi Isa sayangkan saya...”   

PENDEDAHAN yang mahu dibuat ini diharap tidak akan menyusahkan semua pihak. Bukan semua orang yang sukakan kepada masalah.
Pejabat-pejabat kerajaan dan pihak berkuasa kadang kala tidak mahu menyusahkan diri dengan masalah-masalah seperti ini. Tapi demi akidah umat Islam yang sedang dicerobohi oleh pihak-pihak tertentu, maka menjadi kewajipan kita untuk mendedahkannya.

Selebihnya biarkan pihak berkuasa yang mengambil tindakan, lagipun itu adalah amanah yang diberikan rakyat kepada mereka.

Kisahnya datang daripada seorang cikgu sekolah rendah, berbangsa India (Cikgu S) yang amat prihatin kepada anak-anak muridnya. Satu petang beliau mencari nombor saya dan menghubungi saya di pejabat.

Cikgu S berkata kepada saya: “Saya terkejut apabila mendapati beberapa anak murid saya berbangsa Melayu dan beragama Islam murid Tahun 1 dan 6 boleh menyanyi dengan semangat lagu memuji kebesaran Nabi Isa.

“Mereka menyanyikan lagu Yes, I know Jesus loves me dengan begitu bersemangat lagi. Mereka juga menyanyikan lagi Hari Ini Ku Rasa Bahagia yang memuji Nabi Isa sambil menunjukkan isyarat tangan simbol salib. Saya terkejut bagaimana murid-murid ini boleh menyanyikan lagu-lagu itu?

“Malah mereka juga boleh bercerita kisah-kisah Nabi Isa dengan lancar sekali serta mengenai kisah Nabi Isa disalib.”

Itulah antara pendahuluannya kepada saya. Anak-anak murid cikgu ini adalah anak-anak Melayu miskin yang tinggal di kawasan setinggan di Jalan Klang Lama dalam kawasan Parlimen Seputeh.

Setiap hari Ahad, anak-anak miskin Melayu beragama Islam ini akan ke kelas tuisyen yang diberikan percuma oleh sekumpulan pemuda-pemudi bukan berbangsa Melayu di kawasan itu. Pemuda-pemudi itu dikatakan pendakwah Kristian yang menjalankan kelas-kelas percuma untuk kanak-kanak itu.

Asal matlamatnya ialah untuk mengajar bahasa Inggeris. Maka, ibu bapa yang melepaskan anak-akan mereka itu yakin itulah yang diajar oleh pemuda-pemudi itu.

Namun, akhirnya secara kebetulan cikgu sekolah bernama Cikgu S itu dapat mengesan bahawa anak-anak muridnya sudah hafal dengan lagu-lagu berunsur Kristian yang memuji kebesaran Jesus Christ (Nabi Isa). Memanglah lagu-lagu itu dilagukan dalam bahasa Inggeris. 

Bagi ibu bapa miskin yang tidak faham dengan bahasa orang putih itu, mereka tidak akan sedar bahawa lagu-lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh anak-anak kecil mereka itu ialah lagu keagamaan yang berlawanan dengan agama asal mereka.

Cikgu S yang mengajar anak-anak murid di sebuah sekolah kebangsaan di Jalan Kuchai Lama itu tersedar bahawa ada anak muridnya yang boleh menyanyikan lagu Inggeris tersebut.

“Saya terkejut kerana murid itu boleh menyanyikan lagu Nabi Isa. Saya mengajukan kepada pihak sekolah mengenai penemuan itu dan kepada cikgu-cikgu agama sekolah.

“Saya juga mengambil inisiatif menghubungi pejabat agama Islam untuk memaklumkan mengenai perkara ini. Bagi saya ia adalah serius.”

Cikgu S turut merungut kerana pihak pejabat agama Islam tidak respons cepat kepada aduannya itu. Beliau seterusnya menghubungi ke pejabat-pejabat lain, termasuklah kepada pihak Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat. Mungkin Cikgu S tidak dilayan kerana mereka mahu cepat ke Bazar Ramadan!

Saya bertanya kepada Cikgu S mengapa cikgu begitu mengambil berat mengenai hal ini, sedangkan beliau bukan orang Islam dan berbangsa Melayu?

“Saya bangkitkan ini atas kesedaran bahawa apa yang dilakukan kepada anak-anak murid saya itu adalah satu kesalahan moral dan ia adalah tidak patut dan tidak adil berlaku kepada mereka. 

“Sebagai seorang guru, anak-anak murid saya yang masih mentah ini tidak patut diterapkan dengan unsur-unsur Kristianiti oleh sesiapa pun. Biar orang sedar murid-murid saya menjadi mangsa ini...”

“Saya sedar mengenai perkara ini pada hari Jumaat dua minggu lalu dan dilihat tiada tindakan yang dibuat, walaupun aduan telah dibuat kepada Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI) dan Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri.”

Malah Cikgu S juga turut menelefon sahabat baiknya, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah mengenai perkara ini.
Ridhuan Tee di dalam blognya, menulis: ‘‘Saya mendengar lagu-lagu yang dinyanyikan oleh murid tersebut dengan teliti melalui telefon bimbit guru tersebut yang diserahkan kepadanya. Ternyata, anak kecil yang masih mentah dan tidak berdosa ini telah dicorakkan oleh guru Kristian tersebut melalui kelas tuisyen. 

“Tindakan guru tuisyen benar-benar keterlaluan dan amat kurang ajar. Saya amat mengharapkan pihak berkuasa akan mengambil tindakan tegas sebelum nasi menjadi bubur. Cukuplah dengan beberapa orang yang telah dimurtadkan secara berani seperti Aishah Bukhari, Azlina Jailani dan sebagainya.”
Namun semasa kolum ini ditulis, saya difahamkan pihak sekolah telah menghantar satu laporan lengkap kepada Jabatan Pelajaran untuk tindakan susulan.

Menurut Cikgu S, hasil siasatannya dengan murid-murid itu, dia diberitahu cara pengajaran yang dilakukan oleh pemuda-pemudi itu cukup menarik malah kanak-kanak itu turut dibawa membeli-belah, berkhemah dan berjalan-jalan.

Bagi saya apa yang berlaku di kelas tuisyen di sebuah rumah itu merupakan satu gerakan halus. Ia bukan dilakukan secara suka-suka. Begitu juga yang berlaku di Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama (DUMC), Petaling Jaya minggu lalu. Ia bukan berlaku secara kebetulan, tapi dirancang dengan begitu tersusun.

Matlamatnya ialah untuk menembusi akidah orang Melayu beragama Islam yang selama ini sukar ditembusi. Itulah sebabnya apabila orang Melayu Islam berpecah, maka unsur-unsur ini akan masuk sedikit demi sedikit ke dalam sistem umat Islam.

Persoalannya di mana NGO-NGO Islam kita yang kononnya kuat dan Islamik itu? Malangnya mereka ini lebih kuat berpolitik daripada menjalankan kerja-kerja dakwah yang sebenar.

Tahukah anda bahawa gerakan Kristian ini bukan sahaja bergerak secara agresif di negara ini, tapi juga melangkaui sempadan. Gerakan mereka ini tidak kelihatan dengan imej-imej pakaian ala berkopiah putih, tabligh atau purdah, tapi cukup halus. 

Mereka juga membuka kelas-kelas bahasa Inggeris dan muzik di beberapa negara lain, termasuk di Vietnam, Kemboja, Indonesia. Namun ia bukan kelas bahasa Inggeris atau muzik yang biasa, niatnya ialah untuk menerapkan agama mereka.

Siapa sebenarnya yang salah dalam hal ini? Mana perginya Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam dan Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam SeMalaysia (Gamis) yang garang itu. Tapi mereka hanya garang kepada pemerintah kerajaan, yang bagi mereka itu tidak kena, ini tidak kena. Mengapa tidak dilakukan kerja-kerja sosial seperti yang dilakukan oleh gerakan Kristian itu?

Jika dulu Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) amat aktif, tapi kini ia nampaknya longlai.
Pas, kini bukan Pas dulu lagi. Perjuangannya kini sudah jauh melencong, sehingga sanggup menggadaikan perjuangan demi hal-hal politik yang keterlaluan. Pas kini sanggup menghalalkan cara untuk mencapai matlamatnya.

Saya pernah syorkan UMNO menubuhkan sayap ulamanya supaya satu rangka kerja sosial dakwah dapat dijalankan dengan lebih tersusun. 

Jika Pas sudah gagal, maka UMNO sebagai parti Islam Melayu ulung harus mengambil tugas itu. Tidak dinafikan usaha UMNO melalui kerajaan telah banyak menyebarkan syiar Islam di negara ini, tapi usaha kerja-kerja sukarela harus diperkuatkan supaya gerakan halus tersebut dapat ditangani.
Semasa saya menaip tulisan ini, saya menerima teks SMS daripada Cikgu S. Mesej beliau cukup menyentuh perasaan. Saya berharap dalam bulan Ramadan Al-Mubarak ini ia dapat membuka mata kita semua Melayu Islam: SMSnya berbunyi:

‘‘Terima kasih kerana mengambil serius tentang isu ini. Tahniah saya ucapkan. Saya sebagai Guru dan Anak Malaysia, sangat berharap agar tindakan tegas diambil demi menyelamatkan anak-anak kita yang diibaratkan sebagai ‘KAIN PUTIH’. 

“Dengan bukti KUKUH ini, saya berharapan tinggi agar pendedahan ini akan dapat juga membuka mata umat Islam yang berpecah-belah kerana gilakan kuasa politik dengan terlepas pandang anasir di luar sana yang ‘SEDANG’ mengambil kesempatan ini terhadap anak-anak kita yang tidak berdosa. 

“Dengan bukti kukuh ini juga biar dunia tahu tentang kesucian agama ISLAM, agama rasmi negara kita yang kita cintai. Semoga saudara diberkati. Salam 1Malaysia. Cikgu S.”

Benarlah sabda Rasulullah SAW dalam hadis sahih yang diriwayatkan oleh Bukhari dan Muslim yang bermaksud:

“Setiap anak dilahirkan bagai kain putih, ibu bapalah yang akan mencorakkan sama ada menjadi seorang Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi.”

Namun dalam hal ini adakah salah ibu bapa yang miskin dan daif itu, atau salah kita semua...?

JAIS Raid : Unregistered Church?

Posted by Intellectual Thought Thursday, 11 August 2011 07:46


JAIS raid on DUMC on 3rd August 2011. 12 Muslims caught in the church. Evidences found proved that there was a proselytization process going on. Such evidences are, Malay bibles & questionnaire about Islam.

  1. Adding the hot stuff to the current issue, currently it is being exposed that Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC), Dream Centre NEVER been registered as a church.
  2. There was no warrant from MBPJ for DUMC to act as a place of worship; Church.
  3. It acted as a church for long (about 3 years!) but in fact, it just a premise for COMMUNITY CENTRE.
  4. Conflict started after all knew about how the so-called church used social service to attract Muslims into the church by offering free dinners during Ramadhan and money aids. At the same time, spread their belief of Christian. This is against the Federal Constitution also the laws of Islam.
  5. Complicated with the act of Selangor MB, Khalid Ibrahim, stepped into the picture by sudden apologies to the church.
  6. JAIS, MAIS & Selangor Sultan should be the only ones to investigate this issue and come back later on with the full report to the public.
  7. JAIS had the power to do the raid according to the law.
  8. Two PAS members, PERKASA, Pembela, the Government, Facebookers, cared Muslims support the action of JAIS.
  9. Hope political parties shouldn’t interfere.

To all Malaysians, take this opportunity to practice respect between each other especially regarding to the issues related with religion. Islam as the Federal Religion must be honoured by all. On our way to 54th Independence Day, please take the chance to repair the damage and protect this peace we have achieved.

Dr Hasan Ali: Fighting Islam Alone

Posted by Intellectual Thought Sunday, 7 August 2011 10:18


Regarding the issue of JAIS raid on Methodist Church located at Damansara Utama, like I predicted before HERE Muslims will fighting with each other instead of fighting under one roof for the Islam rights. This issue being played currently, under my opinion, there should be no political influences. This is for the sake of Islam itself.

Malay Bibles found amongst Malay Muslims on the raid by JAIS

The wrong part and the big fault here is that there are evidences on the event that some sort of proselytyzation process was going on! It's not about the poor people don't receive the aid they should receive from certain authorities. It's not about who is at fault not to help those unfortunate people. It's not about what is the law to accept aids from non-Muslims. We already knew the answers. Yes, even though it's not about it but it is related. But least before we try to improve what we are lacking, solve the big picture first, the spreading of Christianity to Muslims.

I repeat, may I?
The spreading of Christianity to Muslims!

The question is, where are Muslims on this issue? There are..a LOT to be exact..but DEFENDING the Church. Including PAS that readily objected it's own member, Dr Hasan Ali. That's why there is no need for non-Muslims to defend their place of worship. Muslims readily be their defenders. Can't you see the big picture? What 'they' have done to Muslims (Malays)?

Thus JAIS and Dr Hasan Ali must be supported by all Muslims for their action to protect Islam as the Federal Religion. If you don't want Islam be at the same league with other religions and don't want to see the non-Muslims easily play around with the word Allah at churches and their speeches, support what JAIS and Dr Hasan Ali defended. For Islam purity. Seriously.

There is no questioning about JAIS's rudeness to do a rummage towards so-called 'social service' or "Helping the Unfortunates" event as they have their rights by law. HERE.

The fault also goes to the Muslims who attended the event FIRST. At the first place, you mustn't lose hope to your God when all hopes are losing you. You shouldn't let go of your religion for something that you can put efforts on it. Right? Isn't Islam taught you to always be strong and live with efforts. There's a quote "Giving is much more better than Receiving". Receiving is like putting a picture saying you are giving up from trying.

Then, about who should help the poor. For Muslims, there is Zakat which they paid every year to be distributed among those unfortunate Muslims. Either because of the management that has failed to search the poor and distribute the Zakat or there is deviation on the money paid by the people? The oppo are currently asking Zakat Payment Centre (PPZ)! Funny aite when the oppositions manage to run away from the big picture and grab another authority into this and make the big picture became shallow. But still, they are clever in doing so ;]

So I'm with them asking PPZ too on what happen to the money? But I can see there isn't any country in this world that can manage the poor at a perfect 100%. And I still can see most of the Muslims always ready to help the poor. And I still can see too how many NGOs, individuals including the current government helping those in needs. Especially TV3 Bersamamu which the oppo hates so much! I can see the good deeds clearly on my TV screen! :] Or maybe it's the Muslims' fault to have such a low level of faith. Huh? I don't know..don't know..

So When Islam Will UNITE?

Posted by Intellectual Thought Friday, 5 August 2011 09:28


SO this is about the; JAIS controversial raid issue. First, I wanna recall on the Federal Constitution: The Laws Of Our Land, there is a STRICT forbidden for non-Muslims to spread their religions & faiths to any Muslim. FULL STOP. That is the law. It is also stated in the Enactment of Islam Religion.

Now, recall on the current issue on JAIS raid at Methodist Church located at Damansara Utama is being defended by Selangor Executive Councillor Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, claiming there was evidence of proselytisation towards Muslims.

And the confusing part is, Selangor MB, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim expressed his regret on JAIS raid and he APOLOGIZED to the Church authorities. Well, as a Muslim, he shouldn't go straight for Senior Pastor Daniel Ho if he CARED MUCH about Islam. He should defend JAIS and try to look for evidences with cooperation from JAIS members if there is really an event to proselytise Muslims being held. Not defending the church! After all it's a job for JAIS to defend Islam as the Federal Religion. this month of Ramadhan this Islam issue being played? is a report from Malaysian Bar which the majority are non-Muslims. Their voice of majority defend Khalid Ibrahim. Hello, after Ambiga became the heroin of all of you, you think you are still relevant? Even though using the Non-Governmental Organization? NGO's image has been besmirched after BERSIH 2.0 guys..

Press Release
Celebrate Freedom, Not Fear

The Malaysian Bar deeply deplores the action by the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (“JAIS”) who, with the assistance of Polis DiRaja Malaysia, rudely interrupted a thanksgiving dinner hosted by a community-based non-governmental organisation and held at Damansara Utama Methodist Church two days ago.

We welcome the statement of regret offered by the Menteri Besar of Selangor over the incident, and his call for JAIS to furnish a detailed report on the incident.  We trust that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken if JAIS officers are found to have exceeded their authority in this regard.  The civil authorities cannot allow the Islamic department to wantonly disrespect the fundamental rights and liberties of all citizens to gather and associate freely with one another. 

Especially in this month of Ramadhan, one would have hoped that the Islamic religious authorities in Selangor would have focused their attention on more constructive pursuits rather than the disruption of a community thanksgiving dinner that brought together people of various races and faiths in peace, harmony and unity.  This is the true spirit of Malaysia which we must value, uphold, protect and defend. 

We know of no prohibition in law against Muslims entering the premises of a Christian church, nor of being part of the audience in a thanksgiving event held in such a place, even if such an event were to contain certain religious elements such as prayer and singing.  By conducting such a raid, video-recording a part of the event, rummaging and removing the contents of garbage bags and then taking down the particulars of Muslims found in attendance, treating them as though they had somehow broken the law, JAIS has besmirched the good name and sullied the hard-earned reputation of Malaysia and her peoples for multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-faith acceptance. 

This action on the part of JAIS, coming so closely after the insensitive public service announcements released by television station 8TV, does not bode well for the future of inter-racial and inter-faith harmony in our country.  If, after almost 54 years of independence in Peninsular Malaysia, a state Islamic authority and a national television company can still display a form of arrogant authoritarianism and callous condescension in their actions, then we must collectively ask ourselves where we have failed as a nation.  Moderation has increasingly given way to mindless orthodoxy, and those in authority have parted company with common sense.

Let us all recommit ourselves, in this mutual month of Ramadhan and Merdeka, to a practice of faith or belief that will free our lives from fear, and a pursuit of ideals that will free our thoughts from binding shackles, both of which our forefathers struggled so hard to achieve.

Lim Chee Wee
Malaysian Bar

5 Aug 2011

So..I wonder..if Muslim himself don't protect his own religion, who will??? Islam, as a religion and faith is far more important than tittles and posts if it must remain as the Federal Religion. Where is the value of Islam being put at Muslims' hearts nowadays? If the issue of Islam being played, and Muslims still fighting with each other, under which stand will Muslims unite? So I am very much DISAGREE if religion is being politicized.

Think logically Muslims, Political Expedience or Islam Purity?

So as these issues :
  1. Seputeh MP Theresa Kok against the ‘azan’ issue
  2. Serdang MP Teo Nie Ching when she inappropriately dressed spoke just infront of the Mimbar during last year’s Ramadhan
  3. Non Malay protesters which include Chinese and some DAP members rushed (some without taking of their footwears) into the Masjid Negara upon the Police taking action to disperse the mob, during the demonstration to submit the memorandum on the water issue to the Federal Government