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Dr Hasan Ali: Fighting Islam Alone

Posted by Intellectual Thought Sunday, 7 August 2011 10:18

Regarding the issue of JAIS raid on Methodist Church located at Damansara Utama, like I predicted before HERE Muslims will fighting with each other instead of fighting under one roof for the Islam rights. This issue being played currently, under my opinion, there should be no political influences. This is for the sake of Islam itself.

Malay Bibles found amongst Malay Muslims on the raid by JAIS

The wrong part and the big fault here is that there are evidences on the event that some sort of proselytyzation process was going on! It's not about the poor people don't receive the aid they should receive from certain authorities. It's not about who is at fault not to help those unfortunate people. It's not about what is the law to accept aids from non-Muslims. We already knew the answers. Yes, even though it's not about it but it is related. But least before we try to improve what we are lacking, solve the big picture first, the spreading of Christianity to Muslims.

I repeat, may I?
The spreading of Christianity to Muslims!

The question is, where are Muslims on this issue? There are..a LOT to be exact..but DEFENDING the Church. Including PAS that readily objected it's own member, Dr Hasan Ali. That's why there is no need for non-Muslims to defend their place of worship. Muslims readily be their defenders. Can't you see the big picture? What 'they' have done to Muslims (Malays)?

Thus JAIS and Dr Hasan Ali must be supported by all Muslims for their action to protect Islam as the Federal Religion. If you don't want Islam be at the same league with other religions and don't want to see the non-Muslims easily play around with the word Allah at churches and their speeches, support what JAIS and Dr Hasan Ali defended. For Islam purity. Seriously.

There is no questioning about JAIS's rudeness to do a rummage towards so-called 'social service' or "Helping the Unfortunates" event as they have their rights by law. HERE.

The fault also goes to the Muslims who attended the event FIRST. At the first place, you mustn't lose hope to your God when all hopes are losing you. You shouldn't let go of your religion for something that you can put efforts on it. Right? Isn't Islam taught you to always be strong and live with efforts. There's a quote "Giving is much more better than Receiving". Receiving is like putting a picture saying you are giving up from trying.

Then, about who should help the poor. For Muslims, there is Zakat which they paid every year to be distributed among those unfortunate Muslims. Either because of the management that has failed to search the poor and distribute the Zakat or there is deviation on the money paid by the people? The oppo are currently asking Zakat Payment Centre (PPZ)! Funny aite when the oppositions manage to run away from the big picture and grab another authority into this and make the big picture became shallow. But still, they are clever in doing so ;]

So I'm with them asking PPZ too on what happen to the money? But I can see there isn't any country in this world that can manage the poor at a perfect 100%. And I still can see most of the Muslims always ready to help the poor. And I still can see too how many NGOs, individuals including the current government helping those in needs. Especially TV3 Bersamamu which the oppo hates so much! I can see the good deeds clearly on my TV screen! :] Or maybe it's the Muslims' fault to have such a low level of faith. Huh? I don't know..don't know..

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