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DUMC: Blaming One Another

Posted by Intellectual Thought Wednesday, 17 August 2011 23:30

Fisrt of all, have you watched this video?

Some would still not believe that this serious case is going on. Especially to those PAS followers. PAS strictly blamed UMNO that the raid on DUMC on the last 3rd August was being planned by UMNO to scratch the image of PR. How can you take this statement blindly?

Be neutral-minded, don't get ur mind being influenced by political parties aite.. If UMNO would want to take over Selangor back from the ruling of PR by doing such controversy, why would they give it to them in the first place? What? To make people watch how bad it looks like when PR rules? Why would PR want to look bad after been given trust? They said they want to take over Malaysia.. Why don't they just give clear statement about this issue?

I don't think there was any political influence when JAIS decided to do the raid on 3rd August. Thats why they managed to go into DUMC. If there was political influence, I guarantee JAIS never do any raid at Selangor regarding the process of Muslims' proselytization. And the religion Christians will keep on spreading freely at Selangor. After all the raid was made after the people around Selangor reported about the outlaw event regarding making filthy the purity of Islam.

If you really follow every issue being published nowadays, you would trust JAIS and their crews. Islam really is being challenged by its enemies. Here is an example picked from the blog of Zulkifli Noordin.

This comment has been removed. It is first seen on Free Malaysia Today regarding the article, Ezam Wants To Burn Down Online News Portal. But the sad part is, the comment was only removed after a Muslim blogger ( wrote about it. Pfft?! The site itself should alert on such comment! Issues about religion are SENSITIVE

"10th Commandment: EZAM THE FROG....Muslim convert to christian. This shows that the teaching of Islam is not right....islam is a fake religion.Your allah BABI MOHAMAD is a rapist...holly man doesn't married to 4 wives..does not encouraged jihad....islam doesn't practice and teach his followers the 10th commandment like the christian through our holly bible and understand what are the 10th commandment is all about....just wonder how your babi mohamad looks come until now nobody show the photo of him....Islam are worshipping stone....EZAM..."BURN YOUR HAIRY WIFE PUSSY" 

Some protested Utusan Malaysia even though it is reliable, because it can be TRUSTED. If they do any wrong they are willing to take charges and summons to maintain their credibility. And you will know the truth the next day if the article is a false one. Stop creating hatred by publishing those fake articles to all media I advised.

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