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JAIS Raid : Unregistered Church?

Posted by Intellectual Thought Thursday, 11 August 2011 07:46

JAIS raid on DUMC on 3rd August 2011. 12 Muslims caught in the church. Evidences found proved that there was a proselytization process going on. Such evidences are, Malay bibles & questionnaire about Islam.

  1. Adding the hot stuff to the current issue, currently it is being exposed that Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC), Dream Centre NEVER been registered as a church.
  2. There was no warrant from MBPJ for DUMC to act as a place of worship; Church.
  3. It acted as a church for long (about 3 years!) but in fact, it just a premise for COMMUNITY CENTRE.
  4. Conflict started after all knew about how the so-called church used social service to attract Muslims into the church by offering free dinners during Ramadhan and money aids. At the same time, spread their belief of Christian. This is against the Federal Constitution also the laws of Islam.
  5. Complicated with the act of Selangor MB, Khalid Ibrahim, stepped into the picture by sudden apologies to the church.
  6. JAIS, MAIS & Selangor Sultan should be the only ones to investigate this issue and come back later on with the full report to the public.
  7. JAIS had the power to do the raid according to the law.
  8. Two PAS members, PERKASA, Pembela, the Government, Facebookers, cared Muslims support the action of JAIS.
  9. Hope political parties shouldn’t interfere.

To all Malaysians, take this opportunity to practice respect between each other especially regarding to the issues related with religion. Islam as the Federal Religion must be honoured by all. On our way to 54th Independence Day, please take the chance to repair the damage and protect this peace we have achieved.

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Good article...tgk lagi di blog-blog otai, ada bukti bagaimana teresa kok membatalkan operasi menyita wall has the link, u just have to rajinkan diri untuk mencarinya...hehehe...sebab, bukti yang telah diberikan amat nyata.... keep it up.. :D

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