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BERSIH? Is It Really "bersih?"

Posted by Intellectual Thought Saturday, 2 July 2011 07:32

Bersih, generally means "clean" and "pure from the dirt". That's what we think of when we hear the word "Bersih" but that is not the case in Malaysia.

Recently, our country have been hit with the wave of demonstrations. The word "Bersih" doesn't describe the 'real' meaning of what it should be. How saddening ain't it?

Here's a lil trivia. I must brief about it so that all of you can get what I'll try to explain later on. The BERSIH 2.0 rally, or Walk for Democracy is a planned demonstration in KL to be held on this 9 July. The kingmaker? Ambiga. Who is her? Click here.

BERSIH 2.0′s calls consist of 8 points. In summary, they are:
1. Clean the electoral roll
2. Reform postal ballot
3. Use of indelible ink
4. Minimum 21 days campaign period
5. Free and fair access to media
6. Strengthen public institutions
7. Stop corruption
8. Stop dirty politics

Here, my first post, I want to reveal about the hidden truth behind BERSIH 2.0. You'll probably wondering..there's a hidden truth? Yup. Yes. O..yeah.. First, I'll start with why oh why BERSIH 2.0 should go on? Why there is a need, crave for demonstration? After all..
  1. Malaysia is being placed at the 22nd place on Global Peace Index (GPI) on 2010.
  2. And..we are ahead from United States (US) who started the fair election if that's the reason they want to hold Bersih 2.0.
  3. If the General Election being held at Malaysia is UNFAIR. Why the government lose the 2/3 majority and lose 5 states during the GE12? I wonder..we wonder.. 
  4. Where do they get all the money to hold such a BIG demonstration? I believe that by having such assembly will cost lots of money...
 I leave it to you guys. Our intellectual readers to think... ;)

On the other hand, some of "BERSIH" supporters argued that demonstrations that is safe and they have a right to do so based on article 10 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. According to the Article 10 (1)of Federal Constitution, it grants freedom of speech, the right to assemble peaceably and the right to form associations to every Malaysian citizen but such freedom and rights are not absolute. I repeat. NOT ABSOLUTE.  

BERSIH's activities had brought about negative impact on the country's image and threatened public order, security, economic prosperity and the country's sovereignty, and undermined harmony among the people. The impact that can be seen right now only gives more harm than good. Can BERSIH's participants of this demostrations guarantee there will be no one, no businesses, no public properties will be harmed and in danger? whenever these situations happen, this kind of assembly can instructed to stop by government. so the government have the right to prevent BERSIH Rally 2.0 from happening.
Whatever is it, the most important question right now.. as i quoted from
" Is BERSIH Demonstration A Need In Malaysia?"

In the end, only we, ourselves can make the decisions. And i believe that only the one who's been thinking throughly and deeply will make a wise decision, that is BERSIH is not the answer for the better Malaysia.

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