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Why BERSIH Remains Unlawful

Posted by Intellectual Thought Sunday, 10 July 2011 02:43


  • The organisation has been declared unlawful by the home minister.
  • Allowed the gathering to be held at a stadium  to ease disruptions to daily life and for public safety.
  • It can’t be held at the Merdeka Stadium as the rally would only tarnish the historical site where independence for Malaysia was declared.
  • The Merdeka Stadium should only be used for official functions.  It is the prerogative of the owners.
  • The stadium WOULD NOT BE ABLE to accommodate the 300,000 people.
  • It was the CABINET’S DECISSION that the rally should not be held at any stadium in the capital city.
  • The government has given leeway for the gathering to go on, but they should also ABIDE THE LAWS and be reasonable.

SAID THE Inspector-General Polic (IGP)

  • The rally organisers would have to apply under different legal organisations or individuals.
  • The organisers need to apply for a PERMIT from the district police chief. This is after they are GRANTED PERMISSION by the chosen stadium’s management.
  • Any action that represents BERSIH, including wearing its T-shirts, will be dealt with in accordance with the law.
  • Police had advised Ambiga to choose a stadium outside the city and FOLLOW THE PROCEDURES when applying for a permit.
  • I have suggested the Melawati Stadium (offered by the Selangor menteri besar himself) or choose any other stadium in this country that is OUTSIDE KUALA LUMPUR
  • Merdeka Stadium, is too close to the city centre and can create MASSIVE TRAFFIC JAMS and DISRUPT BUSINESSES
  • They can still convey their message if it is done in other stadiums outside the city
  • In our meeting with Ambiga, she seemed adamant about her choice and was NOT WILLING to change her mind.


  • They can’t use any organisation that is registered with the RoS to hold the rally, since legal societies are NOT ALLOWED to associate in any way with the illegal activieties like BERSIH.
  • It is stipulated under the Societies Act 1966 that all registered societies cannot get involved in any activities that will jeopardise this country’s security.
  • Several well-known organisations named as supporters of the coalition:
    Amnesty International (Malaysia), All Women’s Action Society, Jemaah Islah Malaysia, Sisters in Islam, Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, Suara Rakyat Malaysia and Women’s Aid Organisation.

    What are they doing now? Why are they associating with an unlawful organisation that plans to disrupt the country’s peace?


  • Those who were involved in 2007 BERSIH rally ended up being candidates for the opposition in the 2008 election.
  • They have been saying that they do not answer to any political parties but if you look at their demands to us, it mirrors those of the opposition.
  • The impression that BERSIH is giving that there is no room for discussion with us when ACTUALLY OUR DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN.
  • The organisers of BERSIH seemed rushed and pressured to hold a gathering despite the CORRECTIVE measures the EC had put in place and was working on.


  • Why protesting now? Why not right after the GE 12 if you think the result of opposition winning over 5 states is not fair and clean? Don’t you think it’s too late or maybe you think it’s the best protesting now because GE 13 is around the corner?
  • What argument did the king proffer that was not already expressed by PM Najib Razak, Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin and IGP Ismail Omar?
  • The King offered the same advice; “Maintenance of public order and security”.
  • BERSIH’s aim was to hand over a memorandum to the king at the end of their march. If that was their ONLY INTENTION, why didn’t Ambiga hand over the memorandum to the King when she met him?
  • Why using the Federal Constitution for the freedom of speech but didn’t highlight that Parliament may by law impose if it is being seen as a threat to the national security?
  • Why accept political parties into the coalition? Why don’t you just fight with NGOs?

Thus, let make this thing clear, it is unreasonable to do demonstration on the street over something that can be discussed and because of the UNCLEAR 8 demands with HIDDEN POLITICAL AGENDA that government and a lot of concerned citizens SAY NO TO BERSIH. I agree that it will remain unlawful.

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