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The Truth That Cannot Be Covered

Posted by Intellectual Thought Friday, 15 July 2011 00:34

We can find a lot of videos regarding the 9th July rally on the YouTube. I know all the oppositions' videos are on the list among the high views. I know most of the people will find videos to assume that police is the one who started the war, the one who disrupt the 'peace' rally (which is illegal), the one to be blame on almost anything! Let us view the other side's, shall we? Happy Watching :)

If you are willing to seek for the truth, the truth will come to you. I must say, my bro said this to me,

"If you want something that is so big, the sacrifices that you'll have to go through will be as equal in size".

I'm prepared for the sacrifices because the thing that I want is very big, it is the peace of Malaysia. I promised to repay Malaysia for the peace I've been through until this day.

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