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The King's Command

Posted by Intellectual Thought Friday, 15 July 2011 07:06

Read and understand. He is our king. The one we must trust the most and obey his commands. I was shocked that one of my friend said that the King gave permission for Bersih rally. Well he did NOT. He gave full responsibilities to our PM, Najib Razak because he TRUSTED Najib more :)

The King's Command in Malay

The King's Command in English

I believe Bernama is trusted. And I believe if you read on pro-oppositions blog, they mostly don't publish the whole sentence. You'll get confused reading the incomplete sentence. The true meaning of the commands can't get through your mind.

How can our citizens nowadays criticize the king casually? It's nothing like the ancient people where they really put the king at a really high position in their hearts. What has become to our Malaysians???

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they've become singaporeans....they prefer republic system to govern more more kings and queens...

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