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POLICE Have Their Rights

Posted by Intellectual Thought Monday, 11 July 2011 02:42

First of all, we have to admit whether we like it or not, POLICE IS DAMN IMPORTANT IN OUR LIFE. To maintain safety in this beloved country.

Regarding to BERSIH, here’s a quote to lighten up the police who works real hard for the peace of the country;

"The peace we have currently is not for free, we have to work hard in order to sustain it."

THANK YOU to all the police nationwide.

Folks, now it is time to talk about the ‘real’ interpretation of the right to assemble under the Article (10) of the Federal Constitution (FC).

What the opposition, left-wing activists and the twisted tongue lawyers always told us, the right to assemble under the FC and United Nation's Declaration on Human Rights (PBB) is a blank cheque (full rights) that the police have NO SPACE AT ALL to be empowered by law.

Typical..Very typical. They actually hid the true interpretation of the FC and never once try to admit that our law is a document that balances and and provide EXCEPTION TO EVERY RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES given to anyone and any groups for various reasons. One of the reason; to maintain peace and harmony.

The right to assemble in Article 10 clause 1(b) was not mentioned at full privileges BUT with the conditions; peace and without arms. So, if an assembly is being seen as a threat to peace and/or armed then the right to assemble IS DENIED.

Move on at clause 2, which explained further that peace; or; security of the federation and public order determine the right to assemble which requires a permit.

So.. Who determines whether a particular assembly is peacebly and without arms and permit can be issued? Is is the organisers of BERSIH 2.0, Datuk Ambiga, Mat Sabu, the organising Committee or 400 Bar Council members? Is it the twisted Professor of Law from UIA, Prof Aziz Bari?

Nope.. It is the police and only to the police is empowered to determine and issue the permit under Section 27 of the Police Act 1967.


Police is in the business of maintaining law and order and it is with them that power and ability to determine if any assembly will be peaceful. They have the intelligence information and records of past assembly.

Seldom opposition sympathisers and supporters claim police as bias for the ruling party or pro Government NGOs.

Whether they admit it or not, the reality is the ruling party and pro-Government NGOs are more cooperative, respectable and do not resist the police. They are more LAW ABIDING than oppositions and left wing.

Police are human too. Every action only invite an equal and opposite reaction.

If it is true that police to be uncompromising in implementing the law, the Parliament would be empty of opposition and Pakatan Rakyat states have empty MB's office.

The opposition and NGOs seldom claimed that their rights to assemble was being denied and it is against the United Nation's Declaration on Human Rights. Is it really so?

Here’s an important clause in the Declaration that does not give a blank cheque to such freedom.

Article 29(2) stipulated that individuals are subject to certain limitation under specific law. The restriction is to ensure fair demand on morality, public order, and general safety of a democratic community.

If you are really agree with Bersih, try to think it over if you want to keep the peace we are having currently, the fact that police had caught foreign parties linked to Communist and CIA together with Parti Sosialis Malaysia activists will make no one answers that the assembly will going peaceably.

Police too, have every excuse to apply ISA if Ambiga and Mat Sabu remains stubborn and defiant of police. After all, ISA is within the power of police and not politician Ministers.

  • Detention Order under ISA should be authorised by Minister after 60 days. But the first 60 days i.e. for investigation, is authorised by police officers only without the need of court orders or the Minister (Section 73)
  • Regulating of Demonstrations under Police Act. Power to issue permit is by OCPD.

Police also received the court orders to seize 91 individuals that is being listed as the members that can't show off their faces at the city center or hot spots during the 9th of July. Disobey the police means disrespect to the law.

Tired right listen to the reality than the fraud? To accuse is an easy thing that will make a lot of humans trusting it but to show the facts is really hard because not much want to waste their time hearing and reading the facts or searching over it. They just want that thing to be in front of them and all they do is look the headlines and make quick, hasty assumptions. What to do, gossips spread faster than facts.

Bersih 2.0 really is a widespread fraud. Not only using the law of our lands but the people who didn’t seek for the real meaning of democracy. What a grieve..

You should think this way, Ambiga should have known BETTER.

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