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Peace Malaysia

Posted by Intellectual Thought Wednesday, 6 July 2011 22:11

I live in a peace country. Malaysia. Everyone loves it! Including outsiders, foreigners and the tourists. I don't have any problem with my Malaysia because I lead my live happily everyday. No bombing. No war. No fight. Everything that a peace country have BUT currently the issue 'BERSIH 2.0', a rally across the city is disturbing me and a lot of my friends. I'm NOT HAPPY AT ALL seeing my country having a havoc over a rally.

It was well said, 'BERSIH 2.0 is a peace demonstration' by the leader and the supporters. But can't you see now? It is a no peace at all. At first, it was a nothing. But then, the government started to take action against the rally. Reason? Because the rally is ILLEGAL. No permit from the police. Now3..IF the rally is already against the police, at which way can we protect our country IF not through the police? Then, another authority came to stop BERSIH, ISA. Still, without fear, ALL the BERSIH followers don't give a damn about it.

The rally beginning to heat up more after PERKASA and Pemuda UMNO want to join in to show disagreement about it. I don't agree with this. It will messed up things more. IF you want to show disagreement, there's a lot memorandum which protested the rally has been sent to the government. And all of us know, not all individuals support the rally. So it's already a disagreement from the start. Thus, the BERSIH authorities are at fault because they don't listen to democracy. And if you follow the story from the start, BERSIH authorities is the one to cut off the peace and open-minded discussion with SPR, the one they aren't satisfied with. And SPR had done their job explaining the PROS and CONS. The explanation : Kamalludin's Blog

After the incident SPR being push aside, government started to look deeply into this rally. Questions lingering around their minds. Why they still don't want to cut off the rally after receiving the answers from SPR? Aren't SPR their objectives? Police too, being not knowing the real objective of the rally, they put the rally in an illegal state.

My weirdos.. Why political movement is more obvious than a fair and clean election? Why they don't want to hear any explanation from SPR or have a good discussion? Why they have to continue the rally after the one that they want to meet said it's fine not to meet him? Why must meet him not SPR? Why meeting him while them wearing a yellow theme shirts? Why the supporters are so emotional when talking about BERSIH if it is a so-called-peace rally? Doesn't they know how to explain peace-ly like the rally they LOVE so much?

In the end, I am grateful it will be held at a stadium. And all those involvers are being soft-hearted just after DYMM Agong said 'demonstration after all is a bad thing even though at the very beginning the intention was good'. FYI, the government has said so many times for the rally to be held at the stadium. Who doesn't listen now? Don't make the meaning of DEMOCRACY becomes dirty.

Here is what MP Kota Belud got to say.. Sorry, You Don't Convince Me Ambiga

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